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“Education is not the learning of the facts, but the training of mind to think”. - Albert Einstein. From Aristotle to APJ Abdul Kalam, every famous personality has time and again stressed on the importance of education in our lives. And each of them provokes to extend their Services for the welfare of mankind. Teaching and learning is not only for the sake of livelihood but also for the welfare of the nation, that relates serving to humanity which is the core philosophy of education. We the community of Sontali Anchalik College have been imparting higher education to thousands of students belonging to several remote areas since 1987 with the establishment of the college. Students acquire greater knowledge which may or may not be used by them in their practical life but this kind of education imparted in our institution lasts forever which has deep rooted encouraging our students to be self reliant and positive governed by great tolerance.
The college is affiliated to Gauhati University and recognized by the Govt. of Assam. After a long period of 25 years struggling the college obtained provincialisation status in 2013 and obtained 2(f) and 12(b) status of the UGC in 2013. Now the college community is trying to be accredited the college by NAAC within a short period. We appeal to the masses to extend their all round support in this regard. Lastly the college aspires to take the frontline in the over all development of higher education in the form of teaching, learning, consultancy, research and extension services to the stakeholders.

Sontali Anchalik College was established in the Char areas of the Brahmaputra valley with the vision to uplift and strengthen the backward and rural population of the Char areas. Some of its visions are :
1. To provide higher education in the Char areas of the state.
2. To upgrade and empower the women through liberal and value-based education.
3. To motivate and inspire the students to self dependent and confident.
4. To enlighten the female students about the evil effects of early marriage.
5. To enhance the socio-economic and political aspects and qualities amongst the youth for social change.
6.To encourage the youth to proper Attitude, Values and Analytical power for building the best of the Nation.

1. Encouraging the students of the backward and Char areas to enroll in higher studies.
2. Creating a friendly environment among the students and local community to reduce the number of drop out students.
3. Motivating the students to become self dependent and self employed.
4. Imparting knowledge about ethical and moral value education for harmonious and peaceful functioning of the society.
5. Developing required infrastructure for quality learning (education).
6. Providing quality higher education to the women students of the locality and thereby strengthening them to face the challenges which they might face with courage and confidence and make themselves to be socially responsible citizen.
7. Collaborating with the institutions and communities for the development of the society.
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